Session No. 5D

Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes? Separated bike lanes? Cycletracks? Does a bike lane of any other name operate as well? Come learn more about protected bike lanes in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Moderator(s): Kelley Yemen, City of Philadelphia, Office of Complete Streets

Sidepath and Separated Bike Lane Design Standards

  • Hannah Pritchard, Pedestrian and Bicycle Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Philadelphia Parking Separated Bike Lane Study

  • Laura Ahramjian, AICP, Associate Planner, Kittelson & Associates  

Lancaster Protected Bike Lanes

  • Cindy McCormick, City Engineer and Deputy Director of Public Works - ROW, City of Lancaster       


Hannah Pritchard is a principal engineer with 15 years of experience who focuses on pedestrian and bicycle planning and design. She frequently work with project managers to deal with the complexity of balancing the roadway for all modes. At MNDOT, she’s worked to share my expertise in pedestrian and bicycle design with project managers and policy makers. Pritchard was the primary author on MNDOT’s bicycle facility design manual that was released in 2020 and is currently working on incorporating multimodal design into the department’s road design manual.

Laura Ahramjian is an accomplished transportation planner and urban designer who has been leading complex multimodal projects throughout the northeast region for over 13 years. She is passionate about using multimodal transportation solutions to make communities safer and more accessible, and she is adept at managing projects in tight urban spaces and other areas with competing interests for road space. A hallmark of her work is effectively coordinating among federal, state, and local agencies, stakeholders, and communities to resolve conflicts and lay the groundwork for successful implementation of projects. Throughout her career, Ahramjian has led a wide range of transportation projects, including complete street corridors, bike route and trail feasibility studies, neighborhood traffic calming plans, bicycle master plans, and area-wide transportation mobility plans. Ahramjian also served for seven years as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design for a graduate-level planning workshop.         

Cindy McCormick has over 25 years of transportation engineering experience working in the private and public sector. For the last five years, she has worked in the City of Lancaster as the City Engineer and Deputy Director in Public Works implementing numerous complete street projects, Active Transportation Plan projects, and Vision Zero projects, focused on providing safe accommodations for all road users, particularly pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Dec. 9, 2021

2:00 to 3:15 p.m.



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