Student Poster Session

The poster session will be held virtually with conference attendees visiting the posters between sessions. 

2021 Poster Presentations

Investigating Relationships Between County-Level Crash Costs and Socioeconomic Indicators in Pennsylvania by Rebeka Yocum

Hybrid Hidden Markov Model — Time Frequency Classification of Impact Echo Signals by Agnimitra Sengupta

Analysis of Shared Bike and Other Exposure Measures in A Macroscopic Crash Frequency Model by Muyang Lu

The Relationship Between Takeover Request Lead Time and Driver Situation Awareness for Freeway Exiting in Level 3 Automated Vehicles by Xiaomei Tan

Comparison of Operational Performance of Roundabouts vs. Traffic Signals in Urban Street Networks by David Taglieri

Network Exit Function (NEF) under Fast-varying Demand by Guanhao Xu

Investigating the Effects of Automated Driving Styles and Driver’s Driving Styles on Driver Trust, Acceptance, and Take Over Behaviors by Ma Zheng

Do Existing Split Failure Metrics Accurately Reflect Pedestrian Operation at Signalized Intersections? by Ferdousy Runa

A Latent Choice Model to Analyze the Role of Preliminary Preferences in Shaping Observed Choices by Asif Mahmud




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