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Session No. 4E

Session Title: Hyperloop OEMs and Pennsylvania’s Study Update

Session Description: With the potential of moving over 600 mph, hyperloop is known as the 5th Mode of Transportation. This session builds upon last year’s session and brings together representatives from the leading hyperloop technology companies from around the world in one room at Penn State. All are welcome to come in and learn about the hyperloop technology and the status of the Hyperloop study in Pennsylvania.

Moderator: Dan Corey, Vice-President & Deputy National ITS Program Leader, AECOM  

  • Virgin Hyperloop One, Kristen Hammer, Business Development Manager, Virgin Hyperloop One
  • TransPod’s Hyperloop Line, Ryan Janzen, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, TransPod       
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Hyperloop Study, Barry Altman, Pennsylvania Turnpike Technologist, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Hyperloop Study, Dan Corey, Vice-President & Deputy National ITS Program Leader, AECOM
  • Great Lakes Hyperloop Feasibility Study, Chuck Michael, Head of US Feasibility Studies, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT)

Speaker Bios

Ryan Kelly oversees global marketing and communications for Virgin Hyperloop One and supports the commercialization of hyperloop technology through strategic global campaigns.

Ryan Janzen is co-founder and CTO of TransPod, a next generation of ultra-high-speed transportation. Janzen has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Wired magazine, and national network news. He is a scientist, entrepreneur, and engineering researcher.

Barry Altman is an IT network engineer for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the PMP for The Pennsylvania Hyperloop Study Project. Altman is an entrepreneur, inventor, electronics engineer, and cognitive neuroscience researcher.

Dan Corey serves as AECOM's National Practice Leader for ITS, Connected/Automated Vehicles and emerging technologies at AECOM. With 25 years in industry, Corey has overseen, created strategic plans, managed, designed and procured numerous technology projects, such as traditional ITS, DSRC, broadband communications, automated truck parking, vehicle electrification, and hyperloop throughout his career. Corey is a private pilot, sits on the Board of Directors for Philadelphia SOSNA Registered Community Association (RCO).


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Thursday, December 12, 2019

10:30 to Noon

Room 206 

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