Session No. 3E

Traffic Signal Ownership

PennDOT has recently taken ownership of 50 traffic signals along parallel routes to Interstate 76 in District 6. This session will explore a number of challenges and successes along the way. 

Moderator(s): Mike Centi, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Maintenance and Operations

Signal Ownership Transition

  • Steve Cunningham, P.E., PTOE, Advanced Mobility Systems, Mid-Atlantic Manager of Projects, Jacobs


Signal Ownership, Phase 1

  • Brian Keaveney, Associate Vice President, Pennoni

Pilot Results and Next Steps

  • Steve Gault, P.E., Chief, TSMO Arterials and Planning Section, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Maintenance and Operations


Since beginning his career, Steve Cunningham has specialized in transportation systems’ design and implementation, including traffic signal and ITS systems, fiber optic and wireless communications, construction management, and traffic studies. He currently oversees Jacobs’ suite of Advanced Mobility projects across the mid-Atlantic region (including Pennsylvania), helping public agency clients leverage technology to improve transportation operations. Cunningham is a graduate of the University of Delaware and resides in Bucks County.

Brian Keaveney is the transportation division manager in Pennoni’s King of Prussia office, and has worked on a number of TSMO related projects for both public agencies and municipalities. He is a graduate of Villanova University.

Steve Gault strives to ensure smooth mobility throughout Pennsylvania with new approaches to using technology to safely and efficiency move humans. As PennDOT’s chief of TSMO Arterials and Planning, Gault uses his passion by overseeing traffic signals, arterial operations, and planning for deployment of TSMO solutions across the state. Prior to joining PennDOT, Gault served as a municipal traffic engineer, and he looks forward to scaling his signal ownership experience at the local level to PennDOT.


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Dec. 9, 2021

10:00 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.




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