Session No. 1C

Pennsylvania’s Transportation Planning Process and Updates

Pennsylvania has a robust, comprehensive, and inclusive process to plan, program, and implement transportation funding in the Commonwealth. Experts in this session will outline the various steps in the processes and provide insights into where Pennsylvania Transportation Funding is headed in the future.  While most everyone in the transportation industry in Pennsylvania is somehow impacted by the planning process, the interconnectivity and cycle of the various steps can be confusing. This session will include the process owners of the three key programs that establish funding and programming for the entire Commonwealth.

Moderator: Steve Barber, P.E., Michael Baker International     

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Process and Update

  • Michael Rimer, AICP, Transportation Planning Specialist Supervisor, Center for Program Development and Management, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

12-Year Program (TYP) Planning Process- Pennsylvania’s Official Mid-Range Planning Tool

An overview of the 12-Year Program (TYP) planning process required by Act 120 of 1970. The TYP identifies and prioritizes projects and funding over a 12-year period. The TYP is updated every two years in a collaborative effort between PennDOT, the STC, regional Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations (MPOs and RPOs), and the public. The TYP represents all modes and means of transportation including highways, bridges, public transit, aviation, and rail, as well as active transportation such as bicycling and walking.

  • Dan Keane, Transportation Planning Manager, Center for Program Development & Management, 12-Year Program Section  

Pennsylvania’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) Planning Process

An overview of the comprehensive planning and programming process used to develop and manage the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania follows a Performance Based Planning and Programming (PBPP) process, which includes a major focus on collaboration between PennDOT, FHWA, FTA, and planning organizations.

  • Kristin Mulkerin, Division Chief, Center for Program Development and Management Transportation Program Development Division


Michael Rimer is a Transportation Planning Specialist Supervisor at PennDOT’s Center for Program Development and Management at PennDOT’s central office in Harrisburg. Rimer joined PennDOT in 2015 and is assigned to statewide planning initiatives within the Planning and Contract Management section. Currently, his work is focused on the update to Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan, the Pennsylvania Comprehensive Freight Movement Plan, and other statewide planning related activities. Rimer is also active in the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank program and other statewide activities. Prior to his service with PennDOT, Rimer served two appointments (16 years) as a Pennsylvania municipal manager. He also served as a community planner for the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission and the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study (the Harrisburg MPO) where he assisted municipal, county and regional planning leaders develop comprehensive plans and related growth management policies, ordinances and strategies. Rimer holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Studies — Community Physical Planning from Penn State and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the School of Public Affairs at Penn State Harrisburg. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), the American Planning Association (APA), the Pennsylvania Chapter of APA. He is also a 2016 graduate of The Eastern Transportation Coalition (previously the I-95 Corridor Coalition) Freight Academy training program.

Daniel Keane is the Transportation Planning Manager in the 12-Year Program Section for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. He has worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for more than 18 years. Throughout his career, he has held various Bridge Design, Maintenance, and Transportation Planning roles working collaboratively with district personnel, Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations in Pennsylvania. His first 11 years with the department, he was in Bridge Design and inspection positions, which included designing, evaluating, planning Bridge Maintenance priorities in Engineering District 10. For six years, his primary role was MPO/RPO Liaison for the Mercer and Erie Metropolitan and Northwest Rural Planning Organizations in the MPO/RPO Western Pennsylvania Section. It was his responsibility to Manage and oversee development of regional Transportation Improvement Programs and Regional Long-Range Plans. Most recently, he was named the Transportation Planning Manager for the 12-year program section. His duties include the Transportation Performance Report, the 12-year program public outreach campaign, coordinating with the department staff to compile the 12-year program update for approval by the State Transportation Commission, maintaining the talkpatransportation.com website, and supporting the State Transportation Commission and the Transportation Advisory Committee.

Kristin Mulkerin has worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for more than 17 years.  Throughout her career, she has held various transportation planning roles where she has worked closely with Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations in Pennsylvania. For more than 10 years, it was her responsibility to manage PennDOT’s Statewide Programs, including the Interstate Management Program. Currently, she leads the Transportation Program Development Division that works closely with Pennsylvania’s Planning Partners to collaboratively develop and manage the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.


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Dec. 8, 2021

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