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Session No. 8B

Session Title: PennDOT’s Implementation of Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH)

Session Description: Changes in national crash test requirements for both permanent and temporary highway safety features have resulted in PennDOT modifying the design and installation of many roadside features.  This session provides designers insight into current and upcoming roadside feature changes that effect PennDOT publications and projects.

Moderator Name: Nina Ertel, P.E., Project Development Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

MASH — PennDOT’s Implementation Progress, Hassan Raza, P.E., Standards & Criteria Unit Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

MASH Implementation: Bridge, Tom Macioce, P.E., Chief Bridge Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Temporary Traffic Control Compliance, Jason C. Bewley, P.E., District Traffic Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Speaker Bios     

Hassan Raza joined PennDOT in 2017 where he is responsible for maintaining and updating the Roadway Construction Standards and associated design manuals/publications. He provides technical advice and assistance to Districts on issues related to the use of design standards and criteria.  He also serves on specification and new products committees. Hassan is Department lead on MASH implementation and developing Department policies on approval of MASH compliant products, upgrading of old safety hardware, and improving the timeliness of guide rail repair and maintenance efforts.  He spearheads a statewide "Guiderail Mentors" group that meets quarterly and shares information on MASH implementation and best practices. Previously Raza worked for FHWA for 38 years. During that time, he worked in 13 States and 3 countries. He served as Planner, Area Engineer, Design Engineer, Pavement Engineer, Team Leader, and Asst. Division Administrator.  He then served as Division Administrator for five years in both DE and MD.  In 2012-2013 he served at the American Embassy in Afghanistan working as the Senior Highway and Safety Advisor. Upon returning, he was assigned to Assistant Director of Field Services (ADFS) position with nationwide responsibilities in strategic planning, MAP-21 performance management, development of new stewardship and oversight policy, implementation of SHRP 2, and emergency. He also assisted in managing 13 FHWA Division Offices in Northeast. Raza has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York. He is a registered Professional Engineer in California, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.        

Tom Macioce is the Chief Bridge Engineer for the past 11 years with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in the Bureau of Project Delivery. Macioce has a Master of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a Bachelor of Science from Penn State. Macioce is on several AASHTO Technical Committees that develop the national specifications for Loads, Timber, Steel and Concrete design. As Chief Bridge Engineer, Macioce develops the policy for design and construction of bridges and structures.              

Jason Bewley is currently the District Traffic Engineer for PennDOT Engineering District 8 in Harrisburg. He has practiced Civil Engineering for 23 years and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. He has worked for PennDOT for 20 years, and has been the District Traffic Engineer for thirteen years. He manages a unit of approximately 50 traffic engineers, specialists and technicians in District 8.  Prior to working in the Traffic Unit, Bewley served as a project manager in the District 8 Highway Design Unit.  Prior to that, he worked as an engineer for a private consulting firm in Reading, Pennsylvania. He lives in Myerstown, Lebanon County, with his wife Justine and their two children, Shane and Tara.



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