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Session No. 4D

Session Title: Spin Cycle: Evolving Bicycle FRAMEwork

Session Description: Throughout the country and Commonwealth, traditional bike lanes are being separated from vehicle traffic by curbs, planters, and parked cars. Traffic signals are being designed specific to bicycle traffic and bicycle networks are being planned with traffic stress in mind. Bicycle infrastructure design is evolving rapidly and for good measure. The National Household Travel Survey showed that the number of trips made by bicycle in the U.S. more than doubled from 1.7 billion in 2001 to 4 billion in 2009. This session will focus on bicycle infrastructure with speakers touching on relevant updates at the local, state and national levels.

Moderator Name: Rachael Bronson, Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.              

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a New AASHTO Bike GuideJeremy Chrzan, P.E., PTOE, LEED AP, Multimodal Design Practice Lead, Toole Design Group

PennDOT: Planning to Connect, Roy Gothie, Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Multi-Modal Division  

Latest Updates on Philadelphia’s Pedestrian and Bicycle NetworkGustave Scheerbaum, P.E., Director — Strategic Initiatives, City of Philadelphia, Department of Streets        

Speaker Bios

Jeremy Chrzan is the Multimodal Design Practice Lead at Toole Design Group and has nearly 20-years of experience in transportation, municipal, and site engineering projects. His engineering background encompasses bicycle and pedestrian design, highway and roundabout design, bridge replacement and rehabilitation, green street and stormwater projects, project management and permitting, and construction oversight. Using his technical knowledge of design standards, construction best practices, and years of practical design experience, Chrzan is adept at solving complex challenges with reasonable and constructible engineering solutions. He is the lead engineer for the forthcoming AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, and a contributing author of a variety of bicycle and pedestrian design guides.

Roy Gothie is PennDOT’s Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator has over eleven years of experience in the transportation field. His work at PennDOT involves developing bicycle and pedestrian related education programs for PennDOT, including initiating PennDOT’s first large scale social media surveys to test the public’s knowledge of bicycle and pedestrian laws, as well as overseeing the outreach for the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan update. On the engineering side, Gothie is working with a wide range of stakeholders to provide improved policy guidance and craft legislation that allows PennDOT to utilize innovated roadway design standards and significantly improve safety for all roadway users. Gothie is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a master’s degrees in Urban Planning (2008) and Resource Planning and Policy (2007).   

Gustave Scheerbaum is Director of Strategic Initiatives for Department of Streets at the City of Philadelphia.  With engineering design and project management experience ranging from traffic analysis and signal design to highway and multi-use trail projects, Scheerbaum coordinates special transportation and multimodal infrastructure efforts for the City; facilitates Philadelphia’s strategic truck circulation and delivery management plan; and manages the City’s portfolio of Automated Red Light Enforcement funded safety programs. Scheerbaum has served the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a member of the Transportation Advisory Committee for ten years, and was engaged in a number of state policy and guidance studies. He previously chaired the Future Directions for Transportation in Pennsylvania Task Force, and the Automated Red Light Enforcement Task Force on behalf of the Committee and State Transportation Commission. As a volunteer and as his civic association’s Board Chair, Scheerbaum spearheaded “Better Blocks Philadelphia” — a pedestrian safety demonstration and educational program. Scheerbaum is a career-long bicycle commuter; a Penn State graduate in Civil Engineering and German; and a licensed Professional Engineer.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

10:30 to Noon

Room 108

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PennDOT: Planning to Connect

Latest Updates on Philadelphia’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Network



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