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Session No. 2D

Session Title: Transportation Disruptors 

Session Description: Why can’t you go between 200 mph and 700 mph? Why do you need to "plug-in" to charge your vehicle? How should transportation agencies use consultants efficiently? Why shouldn’t collecting traffic operational data be easy? All of these questions and more will be discussed in this session through the eyes of visionaries in the transportation field. Come to this session to learn and discuss what disruptors are changing how we do business in our industry.

Moderator: Dan Corey, AECOM

New Technologies — Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging to Hyperloop, Andrew Bui, Director, AECOM Ventures, AECOM

Finding the Gap: Organizational Change and Using Consultants Wisely in PittsburghAngie Martinez, Transportation Planner, City of Pittsburgh

Finding the Gap: Organizational Change and Using Consultants Wisely in Pittsburgh, Katy M. Sawyer, P.E., Project Manager, City of Pittsburgh

Today’s Data: Efficiently Collecting Pittsburgh and Michigan Operational Traffic Data, Steven Suggitt, Account Executive, Miovision

Today’s Data: Efficiently Collecting Pittsburgh and Michigan Operational Traffic DataRachel Brownlee, Senior Traffic Engineer, AECOM


Speaker Bios

Andrew Bui is a Director for AECOM Ventures, a team focused on innovation and technology with the goal of transforming the future of infrastructure.  A California registered professional engineer by background, Bui currently leads development of AECOM Venture’s strategy for new transportation and mobility technology integration and how it will impact transportation infrastructure planning, design and construction. His key technology initiatives include Hyperloop, smart cities, connected and autonomous vehicles as well as electric vehicle infrastructure, and he is passionate about how these new technologies can improve sustainability, equality and the health of our communities. Bui has lead feasibility studies, planning, design, construction, and deployment of several emerging technologies and helped integrate new technology strategies into major capital projects. 

Angie Martinez is a planner with Pittsburgh's new Department of Mobility and Infrastructure where she oversees the transportation review of land development proposals and policy changes. Prior to her work with DOMI, she worked in transportation and land use planning in northern Virginia and Maryland. Martinez has a Master's in Urban Planning from the University of Maryland and a B.S. in Natural Resource Economics from West Virginia University. 

Katy Sawyer manages the design and construction of multi-modal transportation infrastructure improvement projects for the City of Pittsburgh. Sawyer is passionate about walkable/bikeable communities, public transit, and local businesses. She loves exploring Rust Belt cities every few months with the Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservations, a loose affiliation of young preservation groups in towns and cities across the rust belt. When she isn’t managing the Right of Way, she is backpacking Appalachia with her husband Kevin and her dog Carson.

Steven Suggitt brings more than 10 years of experience providing industry technology solutions, and for the past two years have been focused on transportation and specifically ITS with Miovision Technologies. He works closely with engineering firms, public agencies, and technology partners to help improve the transportation experience for everyone. Suggitt covers the Great Lakes territory in the U.S.



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